Woven Garments

Elegance you can wear

30 years of experience, dedication and love has gone into perfecting our weaving techniques to bring you premium quality garments that are sure to last.

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Woven Garments

Get the true power of comfortable

Our studio provides a sense of belonging and community, many of our artisans have been with us since our inception in 1983. Handmade Studio is a Charitable Trust that provides disabled people with an environment to gain independence and self-esteem towards community participation. We have successfully assisted our artisans into perfecting their skills in manufacturing premium quality woven garments.


Hand-crafted using Traditional Wooden Floor Looms

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Quality Heirloom Pieces for You

No two products are the same at Handmade Studio, the fabric we receive varies in colour and all of it is used up at once. This means that our products are one of a kind, once something is purchased off our website, it's gone forever!