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Tradition creates Excellence

Handmade Studio Charitable Trust was established in 1983 with the aim of providing a positive environment for disabled people to gain independence and self-esteem towards community participation. Our studio aims to provide a social environment for our members to develop their life skills. By working together on group projects, our artisans learn how to work as a team and create long-lasting relationships.

From small beginnings, we have grown from a small studio into a much larger space to upscale our Charitable Trust, create a cooperative working environment for our artisans, with a showroom to showcase their hard work.  

When purchasing from Handmade Studio, 80% of the sale goes directly to the artisan, 10% is shared equally among the cooperative members and the final 10% goes to the studio to help with running costs.

About Us
Here at Handmade Studio our artisan members weave premium quality fabric using New Zealand wool. Our fabrics are made using traditional wooden floor looms, ensuring a unique, yet high quality garment that will last.

Due to the nature of our studio, all our sourced material is just what we can get our hands on. But don’t stress, this is only a good thing! By purchasing artisan woven garments from Handmade Studio, you are getting a one-of-a-kind garment that will be unique to you. Your garments will be coded with the artisan who wove the fabric making it extra special.

We don’t like to waste any material. After a garment is made, the offcuts are used to make smaller garments like ponchos, children's capes/ponchos and soft toys such as rabbits, teddy bears and kiwis!

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100% New Zealand Wool

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