Our hand-woven products are manufactured with the utmost attention and care using wool sourced from New Zealand.

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A difference you can feel

Each garment feels soft to the touch. Our garments are hand made using a traditional wooden loom. Weaving garments using a loom provides an amazing and unique texture that is sure to last.

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Quality Heirloom Pieces for You

No two products are the same at Handmade Studio, the fabric we receive varies in colour and all of it is used up at once. This means that our products are one of a kind, once something is purchased off our website, it's gone forever!


Quality Every Step of the Way

We use wool sourced from New Zealand in all our garments and soft toys. We are proud to minimise wastage by using all the material we receive in our products. Any offcuts from our garments are repurposed to make soft toys and other accessories.